Journalists are surprised by the plastic case of the Galaxy Note 20 for $ 1100

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Yesterday Samsung introduced the flagship models of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones . Some journalists who have had time to familiarize themselves with the new products are perplexed why devices costing $ 1000 (we have $ 1100) received a plastic case. Only the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model got glass, which costs even more.

Try to imagine that after years of selling iPhone made of metal and glass, Apple will try to sell a new smartphone for $ 1000 in a plastic case, writes BGR. Reporters recalled that it took Samsung years to move from plastic in its flagships to premium workmanship. According to them, there is no objective reason to return to the past.

BGR is also sneering about the special 2020. Coronavirus, world trade wars, a falling economy, a nightmare explosion in Beirut, and here’s another plastic flagship from Samsung. “2020 strikes again, but this time you can at least do something about it – not buy the Galaxy Note 20”, – summarized in the publication.



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