New Nvidia graphics cards buy for $ 70 thousand? Not really

The flagship video card GeForce RTX 3080 started selling yesterday . The problem is that due to the extremely high demand for the new product, it disappeared from the official retail yesterday: the cards ran out. But speculators on eBay have become more active.

Let’s clarify that the official cost of the GeForce RTX 3080 is $ 700. EBay is full of offers where sellers are asking for “just” twice as much. But there are also absolutely fantastic offers – for $ 20 thousand and even for $ 50 thousand. Moreover, according to Gizmodo, someone bought the card for $ 70 thousand!

Nvidia is aware of the shortage of the GeForce RTX 3080 and has even apologized. The company cited unprecedented demand and promised someday to solve the problem.

Apparently, there were no desperate guys for such purchases. A post appeared on Reddit , the author of which said that he had created a bot that deliberately made crazy bets on speculative lots. So in reality, it seems that no one bought a video card for either $ 70,000, or $ 50,000, or $ 20,000.

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