OnePlus 8 Pro for $ 900 scratched, burned and bent

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OnePlus only managed to present its new smartphones, when one of them got on the “torture” table of the video blogger, known under the pseudonym JerryRigEverything. He subjected the new product to the same tests as other smartphones – he tried to scratch, burn and bend it. That is, he imitated everything that an ordinary user does immediately after buying a new mobile phone and unpacking it.

Whether it is surprising or not, however, the OnePlus 8 Pro pretty well endured all the bullying. The hardest thing was to observe attempts to scrape off the paint from the body, as this process was accompanied by unpleasant sounds of metal grinding through metal. But, as it turned out, the smartphone is not so easy to bring in an unsightly look, and the keys in your pocket (where the OnePlus 8 Pro also fits) will not necessarily deprive it of its presentation.

Then JerryRigEverything warmed up the smartphone screen a little with a lighter, at the same time talking about its incredible (actually ordinary) characteristics.


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