ow to remap system keys on Mac

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I use a third party keyboard with my iMac, it’s originally designed for Windows and it has a different layout of the Windows (Command), Alt (Option) and Fn buttons. Is it possible to swap them?

The Apple operating system has a special settings section that allows you to change the assignment of the system modification buttons. This can make it easier to set up a Mac for users who recently migrated from Windows or remap buttons on a third-party keyboard.

How to remap modifier keys in macOS

1. Go to System Preferences – Keyboard .

2. On the Keyboard tab, click Modify Keys…

3. In the menu that opens, you can reassign the buttons CapsLock , Control , Option , Command and Fn .

This will allow you to conveniently reconfigure almost any keyboard on your Mac.

If after setting the keyboard shortcut that is familiar to you changes, you can configure it along the path System settings – Keyboard – Keyboard shortcut .

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