Presented tablets with screens “like E-ink, only better” – they are colored and play video

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TCL has introduced tablets (10 TABMAX and 10 TABMID) with a new type of screens that use the proprietary NXTPAPER technology. In TCL, displays based on it are called a combination of “screen and paper”. They are characterized by “no flicker” and “noxious blue glow”. At the same time, such displays are distinguished by an increased level of contrast (in comparison with “electronic ink) and high-quality color reproduction.

When talking about safety for eyes, TCL mentions screens on E-Ink, and also reports 11 patents for eye protection technologies and special certificates.

NXTPAPER displays will not appear in smartphones – they will be installed in tablets and e-books. The matrixes have a resolution of Full HD, they are thinner in comparison with the LCDs available on the market and are 65% less power hungry. Unlike E-Ink, NXTPAPER allows you to play videos at normal frame rates.

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