Samsung Galaxy S21 selfie camera can be integrated under the screen

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Ice Universe blogger, who regularly publishes information on unannounced mobile devices, spoke about a possible innovation in the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. According to him, the Korean company is considering the possibility of installing a frontal photo module under the display of a mobile phone.


Typically, Samsung integrates new technical “chips” into the flagship Galaxy S smartphones, so the likelihood of a Galaxy S21 sub-screen camera appearing is quite high. True, this will require overcoming a number of technical difficulties in order to achieve high quality images from such a camera, but for now there are some problems with this, as the example of the Oppo concept shows.


Questions arose about the quality of the images due to the insufficient flow of light entering the sensor. In addition, artifacts of the image displayed on the screen may be observed in the camera installation area.

Apart from Oppo, at least Xiaomi and Huawei also work on similar solutions, reminds GSMArena.


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