The display of new smartphones will be almost impossible to scratch

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Today, almost all smartphones have displays protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. It is to him that we owe the fact that today’s phones have become noticeably stronger than their predecessors. And yet Gorilla Glass does not promise a miracle – all the same, the glass is scratched and broken, albeit not as actively as ten years ago. But that could change with Corning’s new Gorilla Glass Victus.

As noted by The Verge, the latest Gorilla Glass has not always been more durable from generation to generation. For example, Gorilla Glass 3, which appeared back in 2014, is slightly more scratch resistant than its successors up to the sixth version.

According to the manufacturer, Gorilla Glass Victus will be very difficult to scratch. So, it is twice as resistant to scratches than Gorilla Glass 6. A phone with such glass will remain intact after falling from a height of two meters. Corning claims that sand particles and keys can still scratch Victus, but this will be much more difficult than with previous generations of Gorilla Glass.
The first smartphones with Gorilla Glass Victus are expected this year. And next year, most smartphones in the top and middle price segments will probably be released.

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