The killer of Xiaomi. Review of smartphones line Realme 6 -

The killer of Xiaomi. Review of smartphones line Realme 6

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The Realme brand has recently been in Pakista. Nevertheless, abroad this “daughter” of BBK, as well as the “sister” of Oppo and OnePlus already know well. The bottom line: Realme positions itself as a manufacturer that offers a lot of “smartphone” for as little money as possible. In general, something like a “top for the money” that Xiaomi used to be. How well everything turns out for a beginner, let’s see today.

Our guests are three models of the sixth series: Realme 6i , Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro . We listed them by price status from budget to more advance. In many ways, the new products are similar (especially for Realme 6 and 6 Pro), but there are enough differences. We spent a week with three smartphones and are ready to share our impressions. Let’s start with the older model, and then tell you how the younger ones differ. As usual – only the essence, without unnecessary ranting.

Realme 6 Pro

  • The box has a case and a 30-watt charge – that’s cool! On the phone itself, a film is already glued to the screen. True, it must be understood that for six months, if not earlier, it becomes orderly in order. On the other hand, when you remove it, the device will again be as good as new.
  • The cover design is in fashionable “overflows”. We have already seen similar in smartphones Honor and Xiaomi . In the case of Realme 6 Pro, they decided to stylize either the letter S, or a symbolic image of lightning. Change the angle of view by at least a degree, and all this joyfully shimmers, plays in the light. In general, glossy, beautiful, but not very practical, because it quickly gets dirty. In a complete case, the level of prettiness is reduced by 52%.
  • The lid seems to be glass, although it feels tactilely plastic. This is a feature of many modern smartphones, even flagship ones. But the frame is exactly plastic, I had to save here.
  • The camera unit is exactly the same as in any other branded multi-camera smartphones, including several times more expensive. This does not add beauty, but it seems that everyone has already come to terms.
  • The SIM tray is not hybrid. You can install two nanoSIM cards and a memory card. The charging port is a modern USB-C. There is an audio jack, which will appreciate the owners of wired headphones.
  • There is one speaker, medium in volume; you can skip a call in the subway. On the other hand, the sound does not choke in wheezing; for a telephone speaker, the sound is pretty clear.
  • The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the side button. Despite the large dimensions of the device, it is convenient to use unlocking by fingerprint, because the button is located almost in the middle of the right sidewall. Owners of small palms will appreciate it. The lock is removed instantly, and in general we consider such a placement of the sensor to be the most successful.
  • There is an unlock on the face. It works the same way as on other “non-iPhones”: excellent in good light, thoughtfully at dusk and not at all in complete darkness.
  • The screen is not flush with the frame, but appears as a separate layer of the cake. Probably, such a design is easier to manufacture. Tactile we have a tangible transition from the case to the display. Subjectively, this is not very nice. But in general – a real trifle and a matter of habit.
  • The display is large, 6.6-inch, with a resolution of 1080 × 2400 pixels and a density of almost 400 ppi. IPS matrix, image is clear, no complaints. Unless the maximum brightness level of the backlight could be made bigger – under the rays of the bright spring sun, the picture ceases to be read.
  • Oh yes, the distinguishing feature of the smartphone is that the image on the screen is updated 90 times per second instead of the standard 60. This gives the picture a certain smoothness, which is especially noticeable when scrolling text and moving around the menu. We note, however, that the difference compared to 60 Hz is not so great as for devices with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. That is, smoothness is noticeable, but not enough to call this moment decisive when buying a smartphone. This is a good bonus, but not a megafitch, completely changing the idea of ​​working with the phone.
  • On top of Android 10, the proprietary realme UI shell is installed. It is quite comfortable, no worse and no better than competitors, with a minimalistic design, as is fashionable recently. Of the features – a “sideways” Samsung-style sidebar with a list of various useful actions and applications. You can split the screen to simultaneously work with a pair of programs. There is own “cloud” service with standard free 5 GB. Only deserving reductions in Russian-language localization deserve comments.
  • As a processor, the recently introduced Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G is used. Eight cores (two more powerful, six more economical), Adreno 618 graphics, a bunch of technologies for optimizing for mobile gaming. The chip is great! Not suitable only for those who need records in benchmarks. In tests, the processor shows an average level of performance (literally average – that is, about half of the top), but you do not have to complain about everyday work or games. The smartphone with a bang manifests itself in PUBG, and in CoD, and in other games. True, at high, but not maximum settings. The heating is minimal, the device only warms slightly in the upper part. There is a utility that helps to allocate system resources in favor of performance or battery, and also blocks all notifications during the game.
  • 8 GB of RAM for an inexpensive smartphone is very generous nowadays. A 128 GB drive can be called a reasonable compromise if you do not constantly shoot video in 4K.
  • It supports 5-gigahertz Wi-Fi, the current Bluetooth version 5.1, but we still haven’t found NFC.
  • The 4300 mAh battery lasts for two days, if you play games from morning till night. From the complete z / y, the phone is charged at 50% in 25 minutes, and fully – a little more than an hour. Wireless charging is not provided.

Realme 6

The twin brother of the “proshka”, but, as the name implies, is a bit simpler and cheaper. Next, we list the differences.

  • The case design is identical to the older brother, but the cover design is a bit different. Instead of stylized letters or symbols, iridescent gradients, in our case, blue-gray.
  • The display is less than 0.1 inches, that is, with a diagonal of 6.5 inches. By sight, this difference is imperceptible. And the rest is a complete analogue of the “firmware”, including updating the screen with a frequency of 90 Hz.
  • There is no second, wide-angle front camera. That is, mass selfie is not as simple as in the case of Realme 6 Pro.
  • The main difference is in the processor. Here, instead of Snapdragon, the MediaTek Helio G90T is used. Formally, this solution is not inferior to the Snapdragon 720G, even in benchmarks it scores the same points (and in some tests even more). And in games we get all the same high (but not maximum) settings with sufficient fps for smoothness. But the differences lie in the details – a smartphone with Helio G90T heats up a little more noticeably, and the battery runs out a little faster. Autonomy Realme 6 closer to one and a half days than two.
  • The set of RAM and internal memory may be different. We had a version of 8 GB + 128 GB, that is, the configuration is similar to the “firmware”.
  • Everything else is identical to the older model – fast charging, fingerprinting and so on. The cameras are different, but we’ll talk about them separately.

Realme 6i

The younger representative of the line, which is more different from the usual “six” and its pro version.

  • The lid is no longer glossy, but matte. Very remotely resembles the matte surface of the iPhone 11 Pro. In particular, the fact that the “fingers” on it are completely invisible. But tactile, of course, the material used in Realme 6i loses. The first impression is that I forgot to remove the film.
  • Despite the budget nature of the smartphone, the connector left Type-C. The fingerprint sensor has moved from the power button to the back panel. Short fingers can be difficult to reach.
  • The display is 6.5-inch, like the Realme 6, but the resolution is less – only 1600 × 720 pixels. Not to say that the image is too grainy, but the blurriness of the picture is still noticeable. Of course, no 90 Hz in this case is not supposed.
  • Realme 6i became the first smartphone on the MediaTek Helio G80 platform. The chip is positioned as a solution for low-cost gaming devices. You can really play, but compared to the two older brothers, the graphics settings and performance will be significantly lower.
  • But the battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh allows you not to worry about autonomy. One charge is more than enough for two days of operation of the device. There is quick charge, but 18-watt. Given the battery capacity, it takes about two hours to fully charge.


Now let’s see how smartphones shoot. All have a lot of cameras. The Realme 6 Pro has a main 64-megapixel camera, a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, an 8-megapixel wide-angle and 2-megapixel for a super macro. Realme 6 has almost the same set of sensors, but instead of telephoto, the device received a depth of field sensor. The Realme 6i model has the same set as the Realme 6, but the quality is simpler.

In the afternoon, in good weather, and even with plenty of sun, all three smartphones for their price show themselves perfectly. Differences appear at dusk. Despite the same main sensor, the processing of images in Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro clearly happens in different ways. But Realme 6i is better not to use at night.

The width of all three smartphones is shirik. It’s funny that the Realme 6i color reproduction is closer to natural. Macrophoto, as we have already said many times, is very amateurish. A separate sensor for such images is not needed. Moreover, it is usually of very low quality.

The Realme 6 Pro is the only trinity camera to receive a telephoto camera. It allows for 2x optical zoom. A hybrid 20x zoom is also available here. True, due to the lack of optical stabilization, you need to have steel hands.

Many people come to read reviews for the photo of a cat. Here is the cat. Shot on Realme 6 Pro


For Realme 6 Pro with a price of Rs 37,100, the main competitor is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S . It has a similar display, a similar processor, fast charging and even a fingerprint scanner also on the side. Among the advantages of Realme, it is worth mentioning the display refresh rate (90 Hz), more RAM (8 instead of 6 GB) and the presence of a much more useful telephoto camera instead of a depth sensor. On the Xiaomi side is a 5000 mAh battery and a slightly lower price.

The Realme 6 model  opposes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro . Both smartphones are built on the same iron platform, have similar dimensions and photo capabilities, aimed at one audience. Realme 6, again, has a screen with 90 Hz and 8 GB of RAM. The same phone in official retail costs Rs 39000, which is slightly cheaper than Xiaomi, but in the gray market Redmi Note 8 Pro wins back a 1000 Pkr.

In Realme 6i , in our opinion, the position of looming weaker than the older counterparts. At a price of Rs 30,900 for the version with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB drive, Honor 9X is ready to compete with it . In official retail, the latter is 100 pkr more expensive, but on the gray market it costs as much as Realme 6i. At the same time, the Honor 9X has a higher screen resolution, dual-band Wi-Fi and, subjectively, better case materials. On the Realme 6i side, in this case, only a more capacious battery is 5000 instead of 4000 mAh.


Realme 6 Pro is a balanced solution in its price segment. Among the main distinguishing features is a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and immediately 8 GB of RAM. The score of the author is 8.5 points.

Realme 6 is almost in no way inferior to the “firmware”. Unless there is no telephoto camera (and it is good in Realme 6 Pro). But the main thing is the Helio G90T processor. It is because of him that we advise looking towards the pro-version of the smartphone. Not because this chip is bad (it’s not), but because the Snapdragon 720G is calmer. Author’s score is 8 points.

Realme 6i is full of compromises. This primarily concerns the display. Today, at the price of this smartphone, you can find models with a better screen. The rest is a standard phone, but with a large battery. The rating of the author is 7.5 points.

So the “killers” or not? It’s hard to say. In general, Realme smartphones act on equal footing with the same Xiaomi, sometimes even have advantages. But an important role is played by the strength of the brand. So far, few people know about Realme. So everything will depend on how loudly a new brand for us will declare itself in the future. There are prospects for success, whether they can be realized is a question.




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