The racer uses a 5G smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra to drive a real car

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Xiaomi decided to show the advantages of 5G networks using the example of the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone. To do this, the company invited a professional racer, who armed himself with a mobile phone and used it to drive a car at a distance of more than 3 thousand km. It is worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra was presented last month, however, it is targeted at the Chinese market and is unlikely to go on sale outside the country.

A video demonstrating the capabilities of 5G has been posted on Xiaomi’s official Weibo page. As Xiaomi said, the connection was provided by the 5G SA network, the minimum response in which is 1 ms.

For reference, SA stands for standalone. Unlike NSA (non-autonomous standard), which uses a core from 4G, SA is completely “sharpened” for 5G. It is believed that for the average user the difference between NSA and SA is invisible, but for medicine and unmanned vehicles it is critical.

It is impossible to say with certainty that the video published by Xiaomi does not make any compromises – this is still an advertising product.

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