The return of the legend. Overview of the Honor 9X Lite smartphone and Magic Earbuds -

The return of the legend. Overview of the Honor 9X Lite smartphone and Magic Earbuds

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A year and a half ago, the bestseller – Honor 8X suddenly appeared on the Pakistani smartphone market . Due to the balanced characteristics, large screen, attractive design and low price, the model immediately became super popular. Today we have a Honor 9X Lite smartphone on a blitz review that will try to repeat the success of its predecessor. Will it succeed? Also, as a bonus, we listened to headphones with active noise reduction Honor Magic Earbuds – a completely new product, which has just appeared on the world market and here.

Honor 9X Lite

  • Design – fashionable modulations, “northern lights” and more. Unlike the Honor 8X, there is no designer strip on the lid. Instead of it – a solid gradient pattern, in our case, emerald color.
  • Glass and gloss are the best friends of your fingerprints. So, if you want to preserve all this beauty, you will often have to wipe the phone. However, in the current environment this is even useful.
  • The slot is not hybrid, which means that you can use two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time.
  •  A fingerprint sensor is located at the top of the rear panel. Convenient, fast, in general, as always with similar solutions.
  • Almost half of 2020 has passed, and Honor continues to put microUSB in budget devices. It is very strange.
  • The display is 6.5-inch, with a resolution of 1080 × 2340 pixels. The excellent matrix is ​​still the main advantage of the heir to the Honor 8X. With a high pixel density, a good margin of brightness, excellent color reproduction, this matrix remains one of the best in the segment.
  • The Kirin 710F processor is exactly the same as that used in the Honor 8X. Then he was very good. Now … No, it’s not bad now, but still in 2020 I would like to see something new. And so we have average performance at the Snapdragon 665 level.
  • 4 GB of RAM has already become the standard in the segment of low-cost smartphones. But the 128 GB drive is not as common as 64 GB.
  • The battery capacity of 3750 mAh with a reserve is enough for two days of battery life Honor 9X Lite. A very good indicator, which, however, boasted the predecessor of this model.
  • Google services are available “out of the box” without dancing with a tambourine.
  • The camera noticeably pumped: instead of the 20-megapixel camera, as in the Honor 8X, the novelty received a 48-megapixel camera. We got the feeling that we are dealing with the same module that we recently saw during the review of Huawei Y8p . This is a great camera with especially cool macro photos. And in general, in the light of day, the pictures for this price segment are pleasantly impressive. At night, you must use the night mode – then the photos will also be of decent quality.
  • There is also a 2-megapixel scene depth sensor and an 8-megapixel selfie camera. But it is, pampering.
  • At the current price of the Honor 9X Lite, he has one strong competitor – Redmi Note 8 . They have similar hardware, performance, autonomy and size. At the same time, the smartphone from Xiaomi is equipped with an additional wide-angle camera, as well as USB Type-C and fast charging. On the side of the Honor 9X Lite – a larger display (with similar dimensions of smartphones) and NFC support. The choice between the two models is not easy.
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    Not sure if Honor 9X Lite will be the same legend as Honor 8X. However, the latter does not look so profitable against the background of the newcomer: the 9X Lite has a much more interesting camera, and the start-up price is even lower than now at 8X. Now, if Honor still added fast charging, and the outdated microUSB finally replaced with Type-C, the status of a bestseller for the new product would be ensured.

Honor Magic Earbuds

Together with 9X Lite, the new Honor Magic Earbuds wireless headphones came to our review. It is important to clarify that they do not come with the Honor 9X Lite. This is a standalone product that just appeared on sale simultaneously with a smartphone.

We will evaluate the headset using the same methodology that we already used when reviewing such devices. In short, we listen to the tracks of different genres, look at the convenience of design and use, autonomy, functionality and cost. All this is compared with the conditional standard in the form of Apple AirPods Pro .

Apple AirPods Pro ANC Active Noise Reduction Bluetooth Earbuds IPX4 Waterproof In-ear Earphone with Charging Dock

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Headphones are delivered in an oblong box of glossy plastic. In size, the design is two times larger than that of the AirPods Pro. Charged via USB Type-C, there is a button for pairing with the phone and a light indicator. With fresh Honor and Huawei smartphones, pairing is even easier, just bring the case to the phone. The headphones are firmly held inside by magnets – even if you turn the box over, they will not fall out. But the cover of the case at any time tries to close.

The design of Magic Earbuds is in-channel, but in the light version – you do not need to shove and screw them in. On the one hand, they are comfortable and easy to put in your ears, on the other hand, the quality of the noise reduction system will probably suffer from this. In the meantime, we deal with the landing – and they sit in the ears very well, imperceptibly, while they do not even think of falling out. Four pairs of nozzles included for maximum compatibility.

Touch control. They touched a round site a couple of times – the track is paused, a couple of times – it started up again and so on. There is an application in which you can change the management settings. In addition, Earbuds recognize when at least one earpiece is removed from the ear. In this case, playback is paused. In general, management issues did not arise. Everything works clearly, in the case, without delay.

As for autonomy, then one charge lasts exactly 3.5 hours of playing music. The case allows you to charge the headphones about four times, which gives a final result of 17-18 hours. The standard indicator is better, worse.

With noise reduction the situation is as follows. Honor Magic Earbuds has an active noise canceling system that uses a pair of external and internal microphones in each earpiece. The positive point is that the headset, contrary to expectations, has a good passive noise isolation plus a high volume margin. But the active noise isolation makes the surround ambient noise flat. The effectiveness of noise reduction is in question. In general, extraneous noise is not annoying, but not so much due to active noise reduction, but because of correctly selected nozzles and passive suppression.

What-what, but the sound quality in a good way surprised! Muse’s Starlight will probably sound great from any iron, but on the Honor Magic Earbuds the track laid down somehow quite well – with worked out mid frequencies, a bit oversaturated, but juicy bottoms. Compared to AirPods Pro, there was a little bit of volume, but still this is one of the best models for rock music from those that I tested.

In the future, the focus on the development of low frequencies became even more obvious. True, not everywhere such an approach was justified. In most cases, the bass really sticks out, as they say, “in the subject.” For example, Armin van Buuren’s Blah Blah Blah sounds very colorful, but Pet Shop Boys with Dreamland with low bottoms feel bust to the detriment of mid frequencies.

In calmer tracks like The Seasons, Vivaldi and Shabaka and the Ancestors from Joyous mids are slightly harsh. It is unlikely that many will listen to such music in wireless earbuds, but if desired or necessary, Honor Magic Earbuds will fit for this.

We did not expect any breakthrough from Honor Magic Earbuds. He is not there, but still the headphones made the right eyebrow rise in surprise. Not because of the active noise reduction – it’s just far from exemplary here. No, the whole thing is the sound quality, which turned out to be higher than what we expected to hear.

Magic Earbuds came close to the versatility of AirPods Pro – in the sense that these headphones are comfortable to listen to music of any genres, although the novelty’s focus on rock and dance tracks is slightly more obvious. Yes, for audiophiles (unless, of course, they listen to wireless “gags”) AirPods are still more suitable. But the difference (sometimes it takes a long time to “listen” to it) is not at all as significant as the price between the two devices.

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Honor Magic Earbuds are comfortable and have comfortable controls. Add wireless charging and autonomy to turn up for the better! However, this is already a strong bid for success.



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