What is the difference between the 20W Apple Power Adapter and the 18W Power Adapter

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I bought an Apple 18W power supply, and on the Apple website there is only a 20W adapter. So I bought something different?

With the release of the 2018 iPad Pro, the Cupertinians introduced a new 18W Type-C power supply. With the appropriate Lightning to Type-C cable , it can quickly charge any Apple smartphone from iPhone X to iPhone 8 .

Later models of the iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro were equipped with similar power supplies .

This year, the Cupertino team released an updated model of this charging power supply with an increased power of up to 20 W. Old adapters have disappeared from the Apple website, but are still sold from resellers and electronics stores.

There is only one difference between these power supplies: the old 18W adapter does not support fast charging when connected to MagSafe. To charge new iPhone models using magnetic charging at a maximum power of 15 W, you will need a new more powerful 20-watt power supply .

There are no other differences between the adapters, the difference in the speed of fast charging the iPhone over the wire will be minimal

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