What to do if contacts are duplicated after updating iOS or macOS

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After one of the macOS updates, duplicates of almost all contacts in the phone book were created. How can this be fixed without restoring and backing up the entire system?

Many users complain that after downloading the next macOS Big Sur update or iOS update, double contacts on Mac or iPhone occur.

Of course, you can manually delete all duplicates or try to restore the system from a backup, but there is an easier and faster way. It will work if you use cloud sync contacts on iPhone and Mac.

How to restore backup contacts from iCloud

1. Go to the iCloud account management site and log in.

2. In the lower left corner, find the Restore contacts item .

3. Select the appropriate cloud copy and click the Restore button .

4. Confirm restoring contacts from cloud backup and wait for synchronization on Mac or iPhone.

This way you can quickly deploy a cloud copy on all gadgets that have iCloud contact synchronization enabled.

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