What to do if iPhone shows “Weak Wi-Fi Security” notification

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Recently noticed that the iPhone displays a notification about the low level of security of my home network. What do we have to do?

Back in iOS 14 , Cupertino added a special notification about the weak level of protection of the Wi-Fi network used, which is designed to draw users’ attention to its security. This is not a critical notice and you can continue to use a connection with weak security, but you should understand that the data transmitted in it can be intercepted by third parties, including confidential information, browser history, transmitted files, etc.

If you see the message “Weak security” or “Weak security” next to the Wi-Fi network you are using, you should change some of its settings. You can do this yourself in the case of a home connection, or contact the administrator if a similar problem is observed in the office.

Changes must be made in the router management application or in the web interface of your router. Be sure to save the original settings and make sure you can reset the settings in case of problems.

How to improve the security of your home Wi-Fi network

Usually, a breakdown of the problem is displayed when viewing detailed information about the Wi-Fi network on the iPhone, but there are also general recommendations that can help in this situation.

1. Use the most secure encryption protocols.

Cupertino recommends using WPA3 Personal , WPA2/WPA3 Transitional (only available on relatively new routers) or WPA2 Personal (AES) protocols . Lower encryption levels do not meet company requirements and are not recommended for use.

2. Do not use special characters in the name of the Wi-Fi network.

For stable and trouble-free operation, it is recommended to use only English characters in the Wi-Fi name without special characters and letters of other alphabets. In addition, it is not recommended to hide the network for unknown devices.

3. Disable MAC address filtering.

With this method of protection against unauthorized connections, you may experience problems with the operation of some devices. So one of the chips to improve the privacy of iOS allows Apple smartphones and tablets to generate a new Mac address while connecting to different wireless networks.

iOS makes it harder to authenticate a gadget for all sorts of trackers and third parties, but it can make it impossible to connect to a network with strict gadget filtering.

After changing the above three settings, don’t forget to restart your router and reconnect to the network on your iPhone. Problems and notifications about a low level of network protection will disappear.

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