What to do if SMS messages from Android smartphones do not arrive on iPhone

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Text messaging is rarely used today, but some users continue to send “text messages” when there are interruptions in mobile Internet.

Sometimes SMS from Android smartphones may not reach iOS gadgets, but this is quite easy to fix.

How to restore SMS reception on iPhone from Android

1. Restart your iPhone , sometimes it helps to solve the problem.

2. Make sure that the desired users are not blacklisted. To do this, go along the path Settings – Messages – Blocked contacts .

3. Delete the old conversation with the user in the Messages app .

4. Update carrier settings. To do this, open the section Settings – General – About this device , if there are new operator parameters, you will see offers to update.

5. Reset network settings. This is done in Settings – General – Transfer or reset iPhone – Reset . Select the Reset network settings option and wait for the process to finish.

In addition, there may be problems on the sender’s device. So some users claim that the RCS (Rich Communications Services) option on Android can cause a failure when forwarding messages to iOS gadgets.

The feature is intended for maximum stylization of SMS correspondence for chatting, but it does not work quite correctly on different platforms. Usually this option is in the parameters of correspondence with the user and is controlled by the switch Enable chat features (Enable chat features) . Disabling the feature on Android can restore normal SMS forwarding.

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