What to do if the iPhone camera starts up slowly

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Previously, the iPhone camera launched in a couple of seconds and I had time to quickly take a picture of something. Now from the moment of launch to the possibility of shooting, 8-10 seconds pass. How to fix it?

Every year, Apple’s mobile operating system becomes more complex and has more features. All this makes the work of old smartphones not as fast and smooth as at the time of purchase. Sometimes there are other reasons for this.

Now we will tell you how you can speed up the work of the standard Camera application and what can lead to its long launch.

How to speed up camera launch on iPhone

1. Reboot your smartphone. Very often, this procedure helps to solve some problems or glitches in the system. Simply turning the device off and on can help.

2. Quit the Camera app from the multitasking bar and launch it again. To do this, double-tap the Home button (on an iPhone with Touch ID) or swipe up from the bottom bar (on an iPhone with Face ID) and “throw” the Camera app card up.

3. Disable Live Photo. When this option is enabled, the smartphone needs additional time to capture a few frames before shooting starts. In the future, this allows you to save a live photo, but in practice it takes an extra 1-2 seconds when you start the camera. To disable, go to Settings – Camera – Save settings and activate the Live photo toggle switch . After that, disable Live Snapshots in the camera interface.

4. Disable QR Code Scanning and Online Text. These two features actively interact with the camera and require certain processes to be loaded when the application is opened. If you don’t use one or both options, you can turn them off to speed things up. The code scanner is disabled along the path Settings – Camera – Scanning QR codes , and text recognition in the menu Settings – General – Language and region .

5. Turn off power saving mode. After activating the “yellow battery”, the smartphone reduces processor performance and disables some background processes. On older iPhones, this can cause some apps, including the camera, to take longer to launch.

6. Make sure your iPhone has enough free space. Insufficient memory on the built-in storage can lead to various failures and problems. For normal operation of the system, you need to have at least 2-3 GB of free space. You can find out the amount of available space in the menu Settings – General – iPhone Storage , and clear it in one of the available ways .

7. Turn off the VoiceOver option. One of the accessibility features can slow down standard applications. It is disabled along the path Settings – Accessibility – VoiceOver .

8. Reset iPhone to factory settings. This is the most extreme measure that can help if the camera or other standard applications are slow. Do not forget to make a full backup of your smartphone before resetting . The gadget is reset along the path Settings – General – Transfer or reset iPhone – Reset .

Such measures can be taken to speed up the standard Camera application on Apple smartphones.

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