What to do if the volume buttons on the iPhone do not work

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The volume buttons on the iPhone work strangely. Sometimes they don’t answer or change the ringer volume instead of the overall system volume. How to fix it?

Some Apple smartphone users are experiencing problems with the volume keys. Sometimes the buttons do not respond to pressing at all, sometimes they work every other time, and sometimes they work completely unpredictably.

Now let’s figure out what to do if you encounter a similar problem.

What to do if the volume buttons do not work

1. Remove the case or protective case from your smartphone. Debris under the buttons or hardened plastic case can interfere with the operation of the buttons.

2. Check the operation of the buttons in other iOS applications. For example, try taking a screenshot ( volume up + side key on an iPhone with Face ID) or take a photo in the stock Camera app using the volume buttons.

3. Change the volume control setting. The switch is located along the path Settings – Sounds, tactile signals – Change with buttons . When disabled, the buttons will always adjust the volume, and when enabled, the volume of the content will be adjusted only during playback, and the rest of the time, the volume of the ringtone and notification tones will be adjusted.

4. Reboot your smartphone. Turning any iPhone model off and on may restore some system services.

5. Reset your iPhone. This is done along the path Settings – General – Transfer or reset iPhone – Reset .

6. Restore the firmware. The last way to solve a problem before contacting a service center is firmware recovery on a smartphone .

If none of the listed methods of solving the problem helped, and it is not possible to contact the smartphone repair service now, you can temporarily adjust the volume in iOS in the following ways:

▶ Using the slider in the control center.

▶ Through commands to the voice assistant.

▶ Using the buttons on the connected headset (buttons are not available on all headphone models).

▶ Using the AssistiveTouch menu ( Settings – Accessibility – Touch – AssistiveTouch ).

▶ Through customized tapping gestures on the back of your smartphone.

So you can temporarily solve the problem of adjusting the volume on a broken gadget.

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