What version of macOS does your Mac support. Checking the possibility of a rollback

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I want to roll back from the new macOS Monterey to an older system to make my Mac run faster. How can I find out the earliest OS my computer supports?

Not all Mac users need the latest up-to-date version of the Apple operating system and new macOS features . It is much more important to have a stable version of the system on which the computer used works quickly and without problems.

Cupertino does not prohibit downgrading operating systems on Mac, you just need to choose the right version of macOS.

How to find out which version of macOS you can rollback your Mac to

You can find the oldest supported version of macOS using one of the following methods.

First , on your computer, go to  – About This Mac and look up the year your model was made. Typically, the release year of a model is the same as the release year of the very first supported version of macOS. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Second , you can install the free MacTracker app from the App Store. The utility contains a large database of all Apple technology.

In the application, you need to find your computer and open its card. On the Software tab , you’ll see the original version of macOS that shipped with your computer and the latest supported version of the system.

Thirdly , you can go to everymac.com and find your computer model there.

How to roll back to an older version of macOS

After you decide on the desired version of the operating system, you will need to find and download it. Luckily, the Cupertians offer links to download older systems for everyone to use.

Find information and download the required version of macOS here .

All that remains is to create an up-to-date backup copy of the new data and downgrade macOS according to our instructions .

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