Why did some buttons on my Mac keyboard stop working?

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Sometimes some character keys stop working in macOS. Saves only reboot. What to do?

If you periodically disable a certain block of keys in macOS (usually these are the characters 7, 8, 9, U, O, J, K, L), you should not worry, nothing has broken or deteriorated.

You just accidentally activate the cursor control option using the keyboard . In this mode, the above buttons cease to perform their main functions and are responsible for moving the cursor on the computer screen.

The chip can be activated by pressing the Option (Alt) key five times or tapping the Touch ID sensor three times . Depending on the connected keyboard (with or without a numeric keypad), certain keys will be responsible for moving the cursor.

How to enable or disable keyboard cursor control

The option can be completely disabled so that it does not work accidentally.

1. Go to Settings – Accessibility .

2. In the sidebar, select the Pointer Control section ( Mouse and trackpad in older versions of macOS).

3. Clear the Enable control keys flag to disable the option or set it to enable it.

In the parameters you can adjust the sensitivity of the cursor and the activation of the mode using hot keys.

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