Why do deleted emails on iPhone end up in the archive folder and not in the trash?

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I have recently used an iPhone. I set up a Gmail account in the standard Mail application. Why are deleted emails archived? How to immediately remove them?

Deleting emails for learned Gmail and iCloud records moves them to an archive folder by default instead of directly deleting them to the Trash. This is far from always convenient, but the parameter is configured in the wilds of iOS.

Now we will tell you what you need to do to change this option.

How to set up deletion of emails instead of archiving

1. Go to Settings – Mail – Accounts .

2. Select a Gmail account and in the next step click on the account name.

3. Click Advanced and change the value of the Junk Mail Delete Location setting from Archive to Delete .

4. Return to the previous menu and click Done to save the settings.

After that, the delete button will move messages to the trash, and the side swipe gesture, instead of archiving, will also delete messages.

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