Why Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone Doesn’t Work Based on Location

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Previously, with a long press on the Do not disturb icon in the control center, it was possible to select “Before I left this location” . Now there is no such possibility, there are only options “for an hour” or “until the evening” . Why?

This feature has not disappeared anywhere, and your iPhone has not broken. Just in the iOS settings, a ban on the operation of system chips by geolocation is set. You may have accidentally disabled an option in an attempt to extend your gadget’s battery life.

On topic: what each of the geolocation settings on the iPhone means .

You just need to turn on one toggle switch, which is responsible for the operation of most system chips related to the geolocation of users (notifications, Do Not Disturb mode, etc.).

How to turn on location for Do Not Disturb

1. Go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services .

2. Find the System Services section at the very bottom of the list.

3. Activate the Geo Warnings toggle .

After that, you can again turn off the Do not disturb mode when leaving any location automatically.

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