Why do saves disappear in games after authorization through Apple ID

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One of my favorite apps has recently been updated to include the Sign in with Apple option . After authorization, all my saves disappeared and a new account was created. What to do?

In order for the old account to be linked after Sign in with Apple authorization, it (the old account) must be registered to the same email address as the Apple ID.

If a different e-mail was used for registration, most likely, a new account will be created during authorization through an Apple account.

To return the old account and link the Sign in with Apple chip, do the following:

1. On an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings – Apple ID – Password and Security .

2. Find the app you want in the Apps using Apple ID section .

3. In the settings section for the desired app, click Don’t use an Apple ID .

4. Re-authorize in the application using the old account (by login, email or phone number).

5. Change the email in the application to the email that is used in the Apple ID.

6. Re-authorize in the application through the Sign in with Apple button .

After that, the accounts should merge and you will be able to log in using your Apple ID in the old account.

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