Why does macOS Monterey leak RAM?

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Lately my Monterey Mac has started to freeze intermittently. Some applications consume all the RAM and start downloading a lot of data to the drive, which causes the system to freeze. How to fix it?

Some macOS Monterey users have started experiencing frequent computer freezes after updating the OS. Most often, this is due to a lack of RAM in the system.

A similar glitch was noticed when working with third-party browsers, Microsoft’s office suite, and other applications on the system. Later it turned out that the problem was not in third-party software, but in a malfunctioning feature of the new version of macOS.

It’s all about changing the size and color of the cursor, which leads to the so-called RAM leak.

How to Stop a RAM Leak in macOS Monterey

1. Go to System Preferences – Accessibility .

2. In the side menu, select the Monitor section .

3. Go to the Index section .

4. Move the Pointer Size slider to Normal .

5. Click the Reset button next to the pointer color selection fields.

6. Restart your computer.

In most cases, this helps to get rid of the RAM leak problem in macOS Monterey. Now we should wait for the next update of the operating system with the fix for this bug.

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