Why does my iPhone often ask for my Apple ID password?

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iPhone asks for my Apple ID password too often. What to do and should I be worried?

Sometimes the Apple gadgets you use ask you to re-enter your password for the Apple ID account you use. This can happen in one of the regulated cases or with some kind of software failure.

When iPhone asks for Apple ID password

Typically, APple gadgets ask you to re-enter your account password in one of the following cases:

▶ Changing your Apple ID password on another device
▶ Attempting to download content that was purchased using a different account
▶ Changing your Apple ID account information (address, phone, email)
▶ Changing settings in iCloud on the web
▶ Adding new data for using iMessage or FaceTime

If you have not made such changes, but the gadgets continue to periodically request a password from the account, you should take a number of actions.

What to do if iPhone asks for Apple ID password for no good reason

1. Force quit all applications on the device. To do this, launch the multitasking panel and close all the cards there.

2. Reboot the problematic gadget. Turn off and then on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac that keeps asking for a passcode.

3. Make sure that all Apple services are working normally on this page of the company’s website.

4. Update the operating system used on the problem device and all installed applications in the App Store to the latest versions.

5. Turn off the password request for free purchases along the path Settings – Apple ID account – Media and purchases – Set up a password .

6. Disable the Screen Time option ( Settings – Screen Time ).

7. Sign out and sign back in to your Apple ID account on the device.

If none of the steps above helped get rid of the constant password request from your account, you can try changing your Apple ID password. The easiest way to do this is on the account management site .

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