Why does Safari on iPhone get “This site has been blocked from automatically initiating a call” error

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Previously, it was always possible to call a phone number from a site using a link, but now it always gives an error “‎This site is blocked from automatically starting a call”‎ and for the call you need to additionally press the Allow button . How to fix it?

The Safari mobile browser has a built-in algorithm for identifying untrusted sites. It works as follows: if a user clicks the Cancel button several times when trying to make a call from the site , this address is included in the list of untrusted addresses.

In the future, if you try to call from an untrusted site, you will see an additional dialog box.

How to remove the error “‎This site is blocked from automatically initiating a call”‎

This error will automatically disappear if you make a call from the specified site several times in a row.

1. Open the desired site where Safari gives an error.

2. Click the phone link to make a call.

3. In the dialog box, click the Allow button .

4. After starting the call, hang up the call.

5. Repeat this procedure three times in a row.

Safari will no longer consider this site untrusted and calls from it will continue as before.

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