Why doesn’t the AirPlay receiver work on macOS Monterey

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Updated my Mac to macOS 12 but can’t figure out how to enable AirPlay on it. The iPhone does not see the new hotspot in any mode.

The new macOS Monterey feature can come in handy in a number of scenarios to bring photos, videos or gameplay from a small smartphone display to a large computer screen.

If after updating the system it did not turn on automatically, you need to check the following nuances.

Make sure your devices support this feature

The AirPlay receiver in macOS will only be available on the following Apple computer models:

■ MacBook Pro 2018 and newer;
■ MacBook Air 2018 and newer;
■ iMac 2019 and newer;
■ iMac Pro 2017;
■ Mac Pro 2019;
■ Mac mini 2020.

Although the AirPlay protocol was introduced at the time of iOS 4 , full support for signal transmission to a Mac computer is guaranteed on the following models of Apple smartphones:

▸ iPhone 7 and newer;
▸ iPad Pro (2nd generation) and later;
▸ iPad Air (3rd generation) and later;
▸ iPad (6th generation) and later;
▸ iPad mini (5th generation) and later.

The Mac computer must be updated to macOS 12 Monterey , and the mobile gadget can run on any supported version of iOS.

Both gadgets must work on the same Wi-Fi network or be connected by cable. The second method is preferable for fast signal transmission without delay.

Set up an AirPlay receiver on Mac

To check on the iPhone, open the control center and click the signal transfer icon to another device. If the desired Mac is not in the list of AirPlay receivers, do the following:

1. On a Mac, launch System Preferences – Sharing .

2. In the sidebar, find the AirPlay Receiver section .

3. Make sure the option is enabled (turn the setting off and on again).

4. In the right block, you can select the users for whom the receiver will be available (only for the current one, for everyone in this network, or for any gadget in general).

5. If desired, you can set a password for the connection.

If the option was disabled, you may need to restart your Mac after enabling it.

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