Why Google Services doesn’t work properly in Safari on Mac

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After one of the macOS updates, Safari is unable to work with some Google services. Sometimes dialog boxes do not appear or pop-up menus do not appear. I noticed this in the web version of Gmail, Google Drive and other services. How to fix it?

With almost every update of macOS, developers from Cupertino are finalizing the standard Safari browser. The application becomes faster and more secure.

However, some updates introduce overly strict content blocking rules that interfere with some sites. You can resolve the issue in one of the following ways.

1. Go to the Safari options and on the Extensions tab, disable all installed ad blockers. Sometimes the problem is not in the browser itself, but in an updated extension or plugin.

2. Disable the standard pop-up blocker for problem sites. To do this, in the settings section Websites, find the item Pop-ups . Highlight the site you want and allow pop-ups.

3. Disable standard content blocking rules. In the same settings menu Websites, go to the Content blocking rules section , find the problem site and disable the blocking.

4. Enable JavaScript in your browser settings on the Security tab . Some features on Google sites may not work due to disabled scripts.

5. If this does not resolve the issue, try installing the latest beta versions of Safari or Safari Technology Preview . Perhaps they have already fixed the existing problems.

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