Why iPhone doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi the first time

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On my home network, my iPhone has no connection issues, but on my parents’ network, Wi-Fi has to be turned on and off several times to successfully connect. How to fix it?

Such problems can occur when there is an IP address conflict on the network. When a large number of gadgets are connected to the same network, the router can assign the same address to different devices.

As long as such clients connect at different times, there will be no problems, but when they are online at the same time, one of the gadgets will not be able to connect.

How to fix IP address conflict on iOS and macOS

▸ On the iPhone , you need to connect to the problematic Wi-Fi network and go to Settings – Wi-Fi . Here you should click on the button “i” , and in the list that opens, select the item Update lease .

The device will ask the router for a new IP and there will be no conflict when connecting again.

▸ On a Mac , go to System Preferences – Network – Wi-Fi . Here you need to click the Advanced button and in the TCP / IP section select Request DHCP address .

After that, the computer will reconnect to the router with a new IP address that will not conflict with other gadgets.

Do this procedure not on all devices that are experiencing connection problems.

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