Why iPhone slows down during screen recording

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My iPhone X works fine on the latest versions of iOS. When I turn on screen recording, lags and brakes begin. What to do?

There are several reasons why the iPhone can run slowly and even freeze during screen recording or when working with time-consuming applications.

What to do if iPhone starts to slow down during screen recording

1. Check if there is enough free space on the device ( Settings – General – iPhone Storage ). If there is not enough space on the device, the iPhone will be slow even in not the most labor-intensive scenarios.

2. Make sure the network connection is not the problem. If you’re recording your screen while browsing the web, the lag may be caused by slow content loading and not by the iPhone.

3. Turn off power saving mode. In this mode , gadget performance decreases , the power may simply not be enough to run the necessary processes and record the screen.

4. Disconnect the smartphone from charging and reduce the heat. During the launch of labor-intensive processes , the iPhone heats up , if overheating due to battery charge is added to this, the temperature of the gadget may rise above normal.

5. Before recording the screen, end unnecessary background processes from the multitasking bar. Although iOS itself is able to limit the background activity of programs, it is better to manually end unnecessary processes.

After that, the smartphone should not slow down while recording the screen.

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