Why iPhone with iOS 14 does not see other devices on a Wi-Fi network

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I’m trying to connect on the iPhone to a TV set-top box, Raspberry PI and other device over the network through different applications, but the smartphone does not see them. Why?

Developers from Cupertino in iOS 14 focused on protecting user data. Several features and options were added at once to increase the privacy of the owner of the mobile gadget.

One of the new settings allows you to restrict applications from accessing network resources and gadgets. This is done so that developers of programs and games do not receive information about all your devices, computers, tablets or smartphones that will be connected to the same network as the iPhone.

Now, when you first launch applications, an additional dialog box appears. Users can “automatically” deny the program access to network resources. After that, she will not be able to connect to any gadget on any Wi-Fi network.

To fix this, open Settings – Privacy – Local network and in the list that opens, enable access for the required application.

Now it is enough to restart the program, “throwing” it out of the multitasking panel. And everything will work as it should.

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