Why is the iPhone trying to connect to an old mailbox that was deleted long ago

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After updating to iOS 14, when going to the settings, a window often appears with an error connecting to the mailbox. The iPhone is trying to connect to mail, which I have not used for a long time and I have already deleted the standard Mail application. How to remove the error?

A similar error occurs for users who previously used the standard iOS mail client, and when switching to iOS 14 , they decided to use a third-party application as the default mail client.

After uninstalling the standard application, the system does not mistakenly remove the old mail profile from the settings and may try to connect to it.

To solve the problem, do the following:

1. Install the standard email client from the App Store if you have uninstalled it from your iPhone.

2. Go to Settings – Mail – Accounts .

3. Delete old accounts that are not in use.

If the entry is not used for mail, but notes, contacts, or calendars are synced through it, open its settings and turn off the Mail switch .

After that, you can delete the Mail application again , the error will not appear.

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