Why isn’t “Hey Siri” working? Assistant not responding

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I’m trying to turn on the “Hey Siri” option, but it doesn’t work. Different phrases are taught and the setting is turned on, but the voice assistant does not respond to the call.

If your iPhone Assistant is not responding to voice commands, try the following.

1. Turn off and on the Listen “Hey Siri” option in iOS. It is located along the path Settings – Siri and Search .

2. If Siri does not work, open Settings – Accessibility – Sound Recognition and disable this feature. This iOS 14 feature is not compatible with Siri voice activation. Once enabled, the assistant can only be activated using the button on the iPhone.

3. If Siri still doesn’t work after that, go to Settings – Accessibility – Siri and activate Always listen “Hey Siri” . Check the performance of the assistant after that.

If the chip works after turning it on, there may be problems with the gyroscope on the iPhone. Sometimes the gadget incorrectly determines its position in space, and the smartphone, initially turned upside down, does not hear the call to Siri.

4. If this does not help, you need to restore the firmware via Finder or iTunes on your computer

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