Why new apps aren’t showing up on the iPhone desktop with iOS 14

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After installing new apps, they do not appear on the iOS desktop. You have to look for them in the library and manually pull the icons to the desktop. How to fix it?

One of the really cool things about iOS 14 is the app library. It distributes the icons of all applications on the smartphone into categories.

So any application can be removed from the desktop, but its icon will remain in the library. This is done in order to be able to keep a minimum of the necessary icons on the desktop, and find the rest of the programs through the library or Spotlight search .

For this purpose, there is a setting that allows you to display recently downloaded programs only in the library after installation.

The option is located along the path Settings – Home Screen – App Library Only .

To make the icons, as before, immediately fall on the desktop after installation, change the value of the parameter to Home Screen .

If after that you need to hide some icon from the desktop without deleting the application, go to the icon editing mode, click the cross and select Remove from the Home screen .

Don’t forget about the ability to hide app icons and entire desktops in iOS 14.

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