Why Safari on iPhone won’t open some websites

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The Safari mobile browser has stopped opening some pages on the web. At the same time, the sites are accessible through any third-party browser. What to do?

Apple’s default browser is fairly stable and rarely crashes. However, cache buildup, conflicting third-party add-ons, or a certain combination of settings prevent Safari from opening certain web sites.

Now let’s figure out how to restore the full operation of the browser on the iPhone or iPad.

What to do if Safari on iOS won’t open some sites

1. Reboot your smartphone. Sometimes this banal action solves small glitches or software failures.

2. Make sure the site you want is officially available in your region. Perhaps the resource is blocked for certain reasons and you can get to it only through third-party applications, VPN services, etc.

3. Disable the Screen Time option ( Settings – Screen Time ). Depending on the settings of this option, filtering of visited resources can be enabled.

4. Disable the browser extensions you are using. This is done along the path Settings – Safari – Extensions .

5. Clear the browser cache in Settings – Safari – Add-ons – Site data – Delete all data .

After the done manipulations, the browser should resume working and open all the necessary sites.

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