Why Siri Doesn’t Always Respond When I Call With Her Voice

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Most often, the nearby iPhone hears the “Hey Siri” command well and answers, but sometimes it completely refuses to respond. Why?

Starting with iOS 9, the developers have added a useful feature that allows you to save iPhone battery power. The option is called Facedown Detection , it is built into the system and works all the time, determining the position of the smartphone using several sensors and sensors.

The function allows you not to turn on the iPhone screen during incoming notifications if the gadget is face down or covered with something. In addition, Facedown Detection disables the voice assistant if the iPhone is turned upside down.

Most often, it is this iOS option that prevents Siri from “hearing” all user commands.

How to make iPhone always hear “Hey Siri”

It’s impossible to disable Facedown Detection in iOS just like that, but you can teach your iPhone to always listen for the Siri activation command.

1. Go to Settings – Accessibility .

2. Find the Siri section .

3. Activate the switch Always listen to “Hey Siri” .

Now it will be possible to activate the voice assistant, even if the smartphone is turned upside down.

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