Why SMS is not sent to iPhone

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I can’t send an SMS message to a specific contact. The correspondence displays an exclamation mark and the inscription “Not delivered”. What to do?

Sometimes when sending a text message in iOS, a similar error appears. It can be associated with both a poor network signal level and incorrect iMessage operation.

Now we will tell you how to resume SMS functionality.

What to do if text messages are not sent on iPhone

1. Hold your finger on the problematic message and select the option to resend the message in the dialog box.

Of course, at this moment, the smartphone must be in a good coverage area and not be in airplane mode.

2. If the previous paragraph did not help, just try restarting your iPhone . Turn your gadget off and on again.

3. If messages are not sent again after the restart, open Settings – Messages and activate the Send as SMS switch . This feature allows you to send messages in the form of SMS in correspondence with iMessage users users when there is no network connection.

So the message may mistakenly not be sent, believing that you want to correspond via iMessage.

4. The next step may be to temporarily disable iMessage (switch along the path Settings – Messages ). This should be done only when the problem with sending occurs regularly and with different subscribers.

5. The most radical way to solve the problem is to reset the network settings. You can do this along the path Settings – General – Reset – Reset network settings .

After that, the iPhone will forget all connected Wi-Fi networks and reset the mobile Internet settings. At the same time, the settings for sending text messages will be reset to the default settings. This may help solve the problem with sending SMS.

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