Why Spam Appears in the Calendar App on iPhone

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The Calendar app receives messages about iPhone hacking, virus infection and funds being credited to the account. How to protect yourself from these messages?

Many users complain about strange entries and events in the iPhone Calendar app. You can restrict entries as follows:

1. Disable the option Place suggestions under the path Settings – Calendar .

This way you protect yourself from geolocation entries in the calendar that third-party applications and services can create.

2. Next, check the section Settings – Calendar – Accounts .

Here, disable unnecessary accounts that have access to your calendar. Often, special boxes for spam or site registration have access to the application. Fake messages about money transfers or iPhone hacking are sent to such mailboxes so that they get into the device’s calendar.

3. If you’re using a primary Gmail account for calendar events that can’t be disabled, you’ll need to change one setting in that account.

Open the web version of Google Calendar and go to settings (gear in the upper right corner).

In the Events from Gmail section , you need to completely disable adding events from mail or change the privacy setting to Personal .

After that, fake messages and outright spam will not appear in the calendar.

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