Xiaomi has patented a smartphone design with a screen for almost the entire body and one camera

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The company continues to experiment in the direction of the “full-screen” Mi Mix Alpha.

On the website of the Chinese patent agency CNIPA, a description and renders of a smartphone from Xiaomi, which almost entirely consists of a display, has appeared.

Unlike the Mi Mix Alpha concept, which was literally “wrapped” in an OLED panel, the unnamed device from the patent consists of two screens – one on the front and frames the side faces, and the second on two thirds of the back panel.

The remaining space is occupied by a single camera module – according to the patent, it is able to change the focal length, providing optical zoom. Under the Let’s Go Digital, the camera is based on a 108 MP sensor from Samsung.

When and at what price a smartphone with such a design will go on sale and whether it will ever be implemented at all is unknown. Large companies often register patents simply “just in case” even if they have no real intention to bring development to the market.


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