Blogger showed how the adaptive triggers of the DualSense gamepad for PlayStation 5 work

The secret is in a special “spin” with a motor.

Tech blogger Dave Lee released his first impressions of the PlayStation 5 video , in which he detailed how the adaptive trigger mechanism used in the DualSense gamepad works.

“Regular” triggers consist of the hook itself and a gear with a spring that provides a smooth linear actuation. The rotation of the gear also senses the pressing force, so that in racing, for example, the accelerator and brake pedals can be controlled.

The DualSense adds a small motor and a worm gear, reminiscent of a corkscrew, to this mechanism. Most of the time, the motor is out of order and the trigger pulls easily and freely, just like on a DualShock 4 or any other analog trigger gamepad.
But at any moment the game can send a signal to the controller that in this situation a specific recoil or resistance is needed on one or both triggers, and then the motor turns on and begins to press and move the gear in the opposite direction.

The system can create constant resistance to pressing, block the trigger completely or make it tremble and “kick” with a certain amplitude, simulating the recoil of shots or the tension of the bowstring.
The developers have complete control over this mechanism, and Sony has repeatedly noted that in the new generation, engineers have tried to make the toolkit for controlling vibration and triggers as accessible and easy to use for developers as possible.

Previously, a photo of the adaptive trigger mechanism appeared on the network. It shows that the transmission is made of plastic, not metal, which has caused a discussion among users about reliability. However, experts note that plastic can be different, and in some cases a high-quality polymer is preferable to metal, since parts made of it are not only cheaper and easier to manufacture, but also are not subject to corrosion and can be used without additional lubrication.

PlayStation 5 will be released in Pakistan on November 19. The version of the console without a floppy drive is already available for pre-order for 75,512.58 Pakistani Rupee, and with a floppy drive – for 93,434.85 Pakistani Rupee

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