BloodRayne 1 & 2 Re-Releases Coming to PC November 20 – 4K and Modern Systems Support

Owners of the original games will receive upgraded versions for free.

Publisher Ziggurat Interactive, which acquired the rights to BloodRayne in June 2020, announced the release date for the re-releases of two games in the series on Steam and GOG – November 20. The updated versions were subtitled Terminal Cut, and their pages have already appeared in stores:

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut – Steam , GOG
BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut – Steam , GOG

The action game about Half-Vampire Rhine fighting Nazi forces has been updated for modern systems and optimized for Windows 10. Among other things, Terminal Cut editions will include:

  • support for resolutions up to 4K / 3840×2160;
  • 4x anti-aliasing and improved rendering;
  • enlarged cinematic clips;
  • support for modern gamepads (XInput);
  • improved lighting;
  • support for original uncompressed textures;
  • improved effects of reflections, fog, shadows and water.

All users who already own the original BloodRayne or BloodRayne 2 on Steam or GOG will receive updated versions of the games in the same store for free.

Apparently, the re-release of the action series is not the only franchise project in the plans of Ziggurat. The company previously said it was going to “expand the BloodRayne universe.”

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