Bloomberg: due to lack of components, the production cost of one PS5 unit rose to $ 450

In retail, the console may cost at least $ 460-470 if Sony does not dare to sell it at a loss at the start.

According to Bloomberg, usually Sony determines the price of the next PlayStation in February of the same year, when it comes out, starting mass production in the spring.

However, in the case of PS5, the company is in no hurry – in particular, due to a shortage of some components. He led to the fact thatproduction cost per console unit will now be about $ 450.

The production of one PS4 was estimated at $ 381, and the starting retail price was $ 399. Considering this,PS5 is unlikely to cost less than $ 460-470 in stores.

According to analysts, a device of this value will not be easy to sell to consumers. Now the most expensive Sony console is the PS4 Pro, which costs $ 399 and often appears on discount sales.

According to Bloomberg, components are in short supply – DRAM and NAND memory, which smartphone makers are actively buying before launching their new models.

Also, sources of the publication noted that cooling system in PS5 came out unexpectedly expensive per unit console – Sony wants heat dissipation from components not to be a problem.

At the same time, the coronavirus COVID ‑ 2019, according to Bloomberg, has not yet affected Sony’s plans, since the company still has not decided how many console units to prepare for sales in the first year.

One of the main factors for choosing a PS5 price is the cost of the Xbox Series X, the Microsoft console. However, it is unlikely to be known before the conference at E3 2020, so Sony is under pressure.

As analyst Daniel Ahmad noted , the production cost of Series X is probably higher than that of the PS5, but not significantly. Therefore, their cost at the start in retail should be approximately the same if one of the companies does not decide on intentional losses in the first few months in order to attract buyers at a price lower than that of a competitor.

Finally, Bloomberg sources confirmed that Sony plans to release a new PS VR helmet, however after PS5.

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