Bloomberg: Foxconn postpones resumption of iPhone production in its main factories – shortage may occur

Insider Ming-Chi Kuo also shared information on work in other factories.

According to Bloomberg , Apple’s smartphone manufacturer Foxconn has informed some of its employees that it is delaying the resumption of smartphone production in its main factories.

The company is not yet able to approve the exact date of resumption of work at the factories in Zhengzhou and Shenzhen, and it is not yet clear how many employees received a notice of the delay and whether other employees were called.

A February 8 Nikkei report said public health experts inspected Foxconn factories. They determined that there was a “high risk of coronavirus infection” at facilities in Shenzhen. This made them unsuitable for restarting production, as stated in the report.

However, authorities later said that a final decision had not yet been made and that the factories were still undergoing checks. Only after them the company will be able to resume production. It is known that workers will have to wear masks, undergo temperature checks, and adhere to special nutritional regimes.

Reuters reported that shortly before February 10, tens of thousands of workers returned to Shenzhen and were waiting for the resumption of production.

Foxconn, meanwhile, has warned employees at its South Shenzhen headquarters not to return to work when the extended New Year holidays end on February 10th.

Insider Ming-Chi Kuo, in turn, said that the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou was supposed to resume work on February 2. According to Kuo, this is the most important iPhone production center focused on the release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2.

The factory in Shenzhen is responsible for the development of a new iPhone, which will be presented in 2020. Kuo said that the production team did not stop working on Chinese New Year – the rest of the staff was supposed to return on February 10.

Bloomberg also said that not all employees returned to their hometowns for the holidays, so there are still workers at the production sites.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Pegatron factory, which is responsible for the production of the iPhone 11 and the unannounced iPhone, has already resumed work on February 3. The Pegatron Kunshan plant in charge of SE 2 was supposed to resume work on February 10, but its launch was delayed “at least for a few days.”

Kuo also says that because of the outbreak of coronavirus, there are risks of delays in the supply of new products and reduced iPhone sales.

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