Bloomberg has confirmed allegations of harassment of Chris Avellone – another girl spoke out against him

According to her, the game designer systematically tried to persuade women to have sex.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer posted material on allegations of Chris Avellone, one of the creators of Fallout: New Vegas and Planescape Torment – several girls talked about his behavior on June 20.

In an interview with Schreyer, developer Carissa, one of the first to publicly speak out against Avellone, reiterated her words. In addition, another woman – designer Christy Dean – told her own story, which largely coincided with what Carissa described.

According to Dina, she talked with Avellone for several years until they met at a convention in Melbourne in 2013. The girl claims that he spent the whole evening drinking drinks to her and all her friends, and after that he escorted her to the hotel room. She does not remember what happened at night, but woke up completely naked in the same bed with the developer.

According to Dina, the incident forced her to completely abandon alcohol, and she decided to talk about it publicly only after the statements of other women.

When Carissa wrote about everything, and I read her post, I thought: “So that means it’s something systematic.” It was not only with me.

Christy Dean

game designer

Chris Avellone himself publicly apologized a few days before, without denying his behavior. He did not comment on the situation anymore.

At the moment, several companies that have collaborated with a screenwriter and game designer have severed all ties with him:


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