Bloomberg: on the eve of the election, YouTube will place an advertisement for Donald trump on the main page

Presumably, the cost of such advertising ranges from several hundred thousand to a million dollars a day.

Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters purchased ads on the YouTube homepage. This Bloomberg reported two sources aware of the deal. The video service will place an advertisement on the platform on the eve of election day (before the third of November).

The publication compared YouTube ads to showing the Super Bowl on television. According to the Pew Research Center, about 3/4 of US adults use Google’s video service. Presumably, its reach even exceeds Facebook.

The cost and duration of advertising on YouTube is not specified, but, according to the publication, such an advertising space can cost from several hundred thousand dollars to a million per day. The head of the campaign, Trump Brad Parskal said that the election headquarters of the current president can spend up to $ 500 million on digital advertising.

YouTube declined to comment on the deal, but the company noted that politicians often acquire better places to advertise. Service noted that they can buy similar advertising, but it is necessary that it meets the requirements of the company.

According to the analytic company Emarketer, the volume of political advertising in the current election cycle may reach $ 1.34 billion. This amount is twice the level of previous presidential elections.

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