Boeing introduced a high-speed reconnaissance helicopter

Boeing introduced a variant of a high-speed attack helicopter reconnaissance helicopter, developed as part of the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) concept. As expected, the machine will be able to replace the obsolete and decommissioned OH-58 Kiowa, which has long required a successor.

The helicopter, according to Boeing, will receive a modern cockpit with intuitive dashboards with a configurable configuration, advanced battery life, touch screens for easy interaction with the machine. How “flexible avionics”, the Boeing did not tell.

The helicopter is equipped with one engine, six-bladed main rotor, two tail, tandem cockpit for two people. The speed of the helicopter will be 180 knots at an altitude of 1.2 thousand meters. The helicopter will receive JAGM guided missiles and the M197 automatic cannon, but the layout may change.

The helicopter has not yet received a name; its code designation for the presentation is Boeing FARA.

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