Boxing office: third “Bad Guys” showed the best start among all Sony films rated “R”

Dr. Dolittle’s Amazing Journey Over the Weekend Raises Less Than $ 30 Million.

Over the weekend, “Bad Guys Forever” earned $ 59 million at the American box office. However, on Monday in the United States Martin Luther King’s Day is celebrated, so analysts believe that according to the results of the four-day weekend, the picture will raise $ 68.1 million. In the rest of the world, the Bad Boys earned another $ 37.3 million.

The film has already become the highest grossing tape of the third weekend of January, as well as the highest grossing Sony film with a rating of “R”. With a production budget of $ 90 million, he can raise about 160 million at home for the entire duration of the shows, analysts say.

In second place in the United States was “The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle” with Robert Downey Jr. Critics defeated the film, and in the first three days of rental, he collected only 22.5 million dollars. According to the results of four days off, he barely reaches the mark of 30 million, while the budget of the picture was about 175 million. Total fees worldwide amounted to 57 million, but rental has not yet begun in several major markets, including Australia and South Korea.

The third place in the American box office was taken by Sam Mendes military drama “1917”. Over the past weekend, she added another 22.1 million dollars to her piggy bank, and according to the results of the four-day weekend, she can raise 27 million. Fees around the world are approaching 139 million.

The fourth place was taken by the sequel “Jumanji”. In his fifth week, he earned 9.6 million in the United States (total fees worldwide – 711 million) and bypassed Skywalker. Sunrise ”with its 8.4 million (1.028 billion worldwide).

The comedy “(Un) ideal man” with Yegor Creed leads the Russian box office. During her premiere weekend, she managed to collect 241 million rubles and stop the domination of the “Slave”. The latter fell to second place, having earned 191 million rubles over the weekend. Total comedy fees amounted to 2.6 billion rubles.

The third place in the Russian box office was taken by the cartoon “Camouflage and Espionage”. Over the weekend he earned 87.3 million rubles, and in two weeks at the box office – 304.8 million.

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