By the end of 2020, new laptops with HDD will begin to disappear

Context analytic company announced a forecast that by the end of 2020 Western Europe will stop selling laptops with hard drives as the main data warehouse. According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2019, 93.3% of new laptops ship with SSDs. In 2017, this indicator was 66.7%.

In addition, the number of desktop computers with installed SSDs is growing. New PCs with solid state drives occupy a share of 82% at the end of 2019 (48.5% in 2017).

Experts believe that the trend is associated with a drop in the price per gigabyte when it comes to SSDs – vendors are trying to set the most interesting price for the consumer, spurring competition. The decrease in prices for “cloud storage” and the growth of the popularity of streaming services are also affected (less and less information is stored locally, which spurs interest in SSDs).

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