Call of Duty: Warzone attracted 15 million players in 3 days – it grows faster than Apex Legends

The fact that the audience of shareware “royal battle” exceeded 15 million users, the developers announced on the official franchise twitter. Already on the first day, 6 million people played it, and in two days the audience increased by another 9 million.

Apparently, Warzone is one of the fastest growing games not released on mobile devices. For comparison, in the same three days only 10 million users played in Apex Legends , and Fortnite Battle Royale attracted as many people two weeks after the release.

At the same time, the already well-known Call of Duty brand helps with Warzone, and the fact that all Modern Warfare customers automatically got access to the “royal battle”. As noted analysts, an important part of the success of this regime – a combination of shareware propagation model and krosspleya function. Potentially, he would get even more coverage with the release of the mobile version, but it is not clear whether Activision will do this – the company already has Call of Duty Mobile.

Warzone was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 10th. At the same time, the game is not available on the Sony console in Russia – just like Modern Warfare.

During the day, six of Call of Duty: Warzone played …On their Twitter, developers reported on six million players in the first 24 hours of release 10 …

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