Call of Duty: Warzone will not appear in Russia on PS4

As Activision noted , the “royal battle” will not be available “in accordance with the decision of Sony Interactive Entertainment not to release Modern Warfare in the Russian PlayStation Store”.

Thus, in Russia Call of Duty: Warzone will officially appear only on PC and Xbox One. Since the upcoming game will be shareware, Russian PS4 users will be able to access it by creating an account with a link to another region and downloading Warzone on it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is also unavailable on PS4 in Russia – Sony, for unnamed reasons, first canceled its beta tests, and then refused to sell the game in the Russian PS Store.

Warzone is a separate version of Call of Duty without a storyline campaign, instead of which it contains two multiplayer modes – a traditional battle piano for 150 players and “Production”, in which teams must earn a million dollars faster than the rest in half an hour. The game will be released on March 10.

Contracts and rebirth in the Gulag: 10 minutes …As well as the map and details of both modes of shareware “royal battle”.

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