Can coronavirus be transmitted via packages?

The vast majority of Belarusians rarely visited or planned to visit Wuhan or any other Chinese city. Nevertheless, the average Belarusian is closely connected with China by the strings of parcels that stretch from China to the Belarusian post offices. Should I be afraid of parcels from China? Can parcels, in principle, be carriers of viruses? We respond to the concern of our readers.

Not. The virus cannot fly to you in the package. The fact is that they cannot survive for a long time (although the word “life” is poorly applicable to viruses) outside the cell of a living organism. They cannot reproduce outside the cell. They do not have a cellular structure, their own metabolism, and therefore the host cell is extremely important for them.

– Parcels from China travel for several weeks, the virus simply can not survive for so long. Its survival time primarily depends on the conditions: humidity, illumination, type of surface. In the case of the current virus, this is a matter of several hours, not even several days , the epidemiologist Zoran Radovanovic notes in a commentary to the Serbian publication Telegraf. This is confirmed by his Russian colleagues.

At the same time, to reassure the recipients, China Post promised to re-disinfect all parcels passing through Wuhan.

No special instructions for working with parcels from China were received either by Belposhta or the Russian Post. Travelers, who are the main carriers of the infection, are still subject to intensive checks. After all, we are talking about a respiratory form of transmission.

Nevertheless, anxiety about the premises is growing in social networks. Internet users are multiplying reports that a virus may be hiding in packages. By their own logic, the baggage of passengers from China who were stopped at the airports of various countries with confirmed infection should have been infected. But there they check only edible animal products that have not undergone heat treatment and are without factory packaging.


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