Can the PlayStation 5 gamepad track your sweating and heart rate?

Sony has published a patent application on the network for biofeedback technology for the PlayStation gamepad. The system is an overlay on the handle of the gamepad, which will take data on the heartbeat and sweating of the player.

In a patent application, Sony experts write that modern players need deep immersive immersion. And in this regard, it is important to develop additional sensors and peripherals that can give developers more information about the state of the player.

In late January, there were rumors that Sony will talk in more detail about the PlayStation 5 in mid-February at a special event dedicated to the console line. The company has already registered a new trademark in different parts of the world. It remains the hope that the announcement of the console will take place before the end of February this year. But it should be noted that the regular rescheduling and cancellations of various large exhibitions and press conferences against the backdrop of the outbreak of coronavirus have made changes to the plans of many technology companies. So Sony may postpone the announcement in anticipation of a calmer window for its presentation.

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